Sunday, September 26, 2010


A long time of experimentation with eye health as it applies to every moment of my life, not just as an artist. People, if your eyes are giving you fits, more so after computer work, don't accept it as normal. Go get tested at an opthalmologist office for dry-eye. I didn't. I suffered along with that for 1.5 years, and by the time I knew what was wrong, I had corneal scarring already. Then the experimenting began. Punctal duct plugging. Five attempts. Plugs falling out. Plugs getting infected. Blepharitis. Two cauterizations, weeks of healing, end result: Very good. Top ducts, not bottom. And the two bottom ducts, have smaller plugs that not only do not bother me but have not fallen out. Yet. I use Systane Ultra (NOT regular) drops. I will be using Thera tears night time liquid gel or ointment. I wake up uncomfortable. I have found that using even my pillow, when I am face down, back and forth over the area above my upper lids, below my brows, gently, stimulates my tear ducts and increases production. This is new info I am glad to know. I still have to wash my eyes carefully with T-gel shampoo every day. Just rinse well with splashing. Now, if I can get the right prescription glasses (close focus at 12-14" for artwork instead of the conventional distance) I think I will be doing pretty well. Then as soon as I can, I will do cataracts, if better glasses do not do enough to help me. All in all, this has been a four year long experience with still being able to paint. For the patience this has required of my friends, family and art collectors waiting for what they need and deserve, I beg forgiveness and express my endless gratitude. I am about to be able to go back to work in my life's work as a painter. And, for survival, I am using my licensed/certified status to enable doing home health care, I have just been hired by an agency for the first time -- I always worked private-pay in that field til now. I am not doing medical care, though. I need a break. And I welcome the support of an agency. It is Comfort Keepers, and I have to say, I am very very impressed with them! What a great company and the overall vibe of the people is just superior. Everyone I am dealing with there is delightful. I recommend them highly for an in home personal care agency.