Sunday, September 26, 2010


The group I founded, AUAR, is the sister group to the website and we are setting up individual pages for each artist there. My goal is to move the AUAR info to PLP, and be able to remove my website activity from the homestead site.
AUAR will be continuing to fund raise for animal charities both from the list on PLP and at each artist's discretion. If it is via eBay listings, and for a PLP/AUAR charity, then the acronym of AUAR and the charity's "hope code" will be in the title of the listing. These are listings for charities we have permission letters from. If we do not have the letter and the charity is hooked up with eBay's Giving Works program, then the Hope Code does not need to be in the title line, but AUAR does! If you as an artist do not put AUAR in your title line, you are not holding an AUAR supporting auction or listing.
AUAR requests that members show some indication of interest in supporting animal rescue via AUAR. If members do not respond to emails etc from me a couple times, they will be removed from membership. If we have an opportunity to have a serious exhibit for one of our charities, and members who are requested to participate, do not wish to do so, they have that option. I am hoping that a certain Sedona gallery may offer such an exhibit to us, and Actors and Others for Animals, one of our charities, is keeping this in mind as well, for possibly a California gallery. Stephanie, dear Stephanie, with AAO, is staying in touch with me about it. Any gallery exhibit of this type will have art selected for inclusion by me and the gallery director and will have to be very professionally presented (framed) or on gallery-wrap canvas and really good photography provided. We probably would go in together with both AAO and the gallery on putting a show display ad in Southwest Art magazine or another superior art related publication that covers the Sedona and California art scene. Cost per participating artist should be fairly minimal for such an ad.
Any artist in AUAR who wants to do an original that a charity can sell "tickets" for and publicize on websites is encouraged to do so. Everyone is struggling very hard right now in this economy. The charities, and the artists. Many animals are losing their homes due to foreclosures and owners not being able to feed their animals. We may not be able to do a lot, but we can do something, and think about what it costs to feed a few animals for even a day. Every dollar helps. Do you want to do something special for your favorite of the AUAR charities? Let them, and me, know. Thanks.