Friday, November 19, 2010

Love Never Faileth....One year later

Today is the one year anniversary of my Mike standing beside me and marrying me last November 19th, 2009. Every day I love him more than the day before, every day he looks more like he did 40 years ago, to me. I love that! I still don't know why God kept us apart four decades before we reunited, except, speaking for myself, I had a lot to learn. It is as important in life to learn what you do not want, and what you will not stand for, as it is to comprehend the true desires of your heart and what you will fight for, even unto death. Mike and I had to grow up and we most certainly needed to heal from many emotional scars we already had when we met long ago and fell in love.
I have my prince, my lover, my sweetheart, my champion. I have the companion I thought I could never have in life. With him, I feel like my lonely days are over, in what time the two of us have together. I did okay alone for such a long time, in fact I had become quite set in my determination to remain that way. That was not the plan my Creator had for me. I feel enchanted, as if when Mike and I walk down the street, we are a miracle. We feel miraculous! I have talked about the possible reasons why we are so fortunate, and know that if we had listened to the negativity of some people instead of following our own passionate hearts, we would not be together today. Here is where I must thank those people who really care about me and about Mike, and who supported us and celebrated our opportunity to be together again. We were led to this day, shown a future that can be happier than any past ever was.... I am so glad that we are impetuous, that we plunged ahead with courage and a great deal of faith. Faith we felt strongly, because to have many years pass and then reunite and feel the same love, more even, than we did in our youth, and to feel like we had been apart weeks not decades, to have years of struggling without each other melt away.... it gives you a sureness in your heart. Relief in knowing there was a Masterplan for us, after all.
Seeing us together, my daughter and son laughingly said to each other that now they know what had been wrong with me all those years....half my brain was missing! And it's true, it does seem like Mike and I share a brain. (Which reminds me of our saying around here, that " Two half-wits, make a whole"). I'm grateful my family gets to see me this way. It is a gift to see your parent truly happy and in love.